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With BlitzMe, enhance your sales! Give yourself the possibility to advertise and reach a potentially unlimited number of consumers at almost no cost.

  1. Your published message MUST contain a deal.
  2. Make sure all your personnel is informed that you have published a deal.
  3. You can edit or delete published deals with immediate effect.
  4. If your offer is very limited in number or space, mention it in your message in order to avoid disappointed customers.
  5. Remember, buyers can see your telephone number as well as your business name and location. Be prepared for calls for reservations, depending on your business type.
  6. Each published deal can appear for up to 24 hrs maximum, but you can program deals for a later time or date.
  7. Avoid having deals online after your closing hours. Each deal has a countdown.
  8. Your profile picture represents your business and not a particular product or service being promoted. Avoid changing it as much as possible. When you do, it can take up to 24 hours before the change appears in the user app.
  9. You can use BlitzMe to:

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