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Who are we?

We are you! The Consumer.

The idea of BlitzMe was born one early evening as my husband, Andy, and I were sitting at a café – our meeting point – waiting for friends to go to the restaurant with.

The thing was that we hadn’t yet decided which restaurant to go to.

Sipping his glass of wine, Andy said, “It’d be really cool if we got deals sent to our phones from nearby restaurants to help us pick one. I mean right NOW. While we’re HERE.”

And that is how it all began.

From that point on, we began to think, hey, and why not from shops, and hotels, and grocery stores, and spas, and movie theatres, and so on.

What’s the point in getting a message or an ad selling something at a time when you have a thousand other things on your mind and are miles away from the seller – not to mention your possible lack of interest in whatever they’re trying to sell you?

And what better way to encourage sellers to give you those great deals by not only giving them the possibility to target super efficiently (by reaching an unlimited number of consumers, near their business AND looking for deals in their business category), but also by never asking them for a percentage of the money made? After all, they are also hard working people with families to feed.

And last but not least, yes, we are all sick and tired of having to share personal info EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we want to have access to deals and services online…

Good luck to all! ;) :b :o

Mary and Andy Schonbeck


We will be constantly working on improving the apps and the site. Follow us on Twitter and share your thoughts and suggestions @BlitzMeApp !

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